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Algorithms, Autonomy, and Art


In June 2020, Jevi coined the term hypervolition and defined the Jevinian Orders and Phases. These ideas on algorithmic influence are shared through a series of works, experiences, and texts. This art-based research (AbR) investigates and communicates the effects of our reliance on algorithms.


Hypervolition is the inability of consciousness to differentiate our real desires and choices, from algorithmically-deduced and imposed desires and choices. 



My research is disseminated through both art and text. My art-based research includes many aspects of the arts, for example, poetry, sound, VR, video, and photography. Art is used to collect data, and to interpret and present the findings. Together, the works investigate and communicate the ideas of my research.

an experimental audio portrait exploring the ideas of perception and art – how we perceive art, the importance of art, how we interact with art, and its influence. The experimental work is inspired by the written works several theorists — George Lamming, Neil deGrasse Tyson, John Berger, and Tina Campt.

a hyperfilm on our relationship with I.o.T. (Internet of Things) devices. This collaborative work is the result of a study of how we (myself included) view our present and future interactions with IoT devices in both negative and positive lights.

a short film addressing the concepts of hyperreality, digital/data over-consumption, and beauty. It explores the question of what is real, and the consumption of what isn’t. It draws on the concepts of hyperreal defined in Baudrillard’s Simulacra and Simulations.

EVO is a collection of code-based instruments that play as a section as part of an electronic acoustic orchestra. This experimental project explores the evolution of a composer’s sound-painting gestures and directions, as it propagates through to a section of an orchestra. The project makes references to the evolution of RNA, governance, and the way that mutations occur in nature, and is are related to the fields of memetics, philosophy of science and of the mind, and epistemology. This project was developed at the DIStributed PERformance and Sensorial immersION Lab.

an interactive sculpture highlighting the environmental impacts of our use of algorithms. The sculpture will be completed in late 2023. 

an immersive audio-visual webVR experience that attempts to place you in my shoes as I explored what was happening in the world around me, when developing the ideas that led to “hypervolition.” The phrase “inter alia” is Latin for “amongst other things.” The piece places you in an audio-visual landscape, where you experience the news headlines as they fly pass you. This work is the result of a STEEP+V exercise.

a speculative fiction short story in an immersive audio format. It tells the story of a highly governed future society, and the struggle against it. This work uses speculative fiction writing, world building, and immersive SFX to bring the reader into a world set 50 years into the future, featuring the extrapolated ideas of hypervolition. It also hints at the positive advancements that have occurred as a result of the type of governance within this society.


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Texts include journal articles, conference proceedings, book chapters, essays, monographs, and theses on hypervolition or adjacent topics.

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… innovations possess the ability to create and maintain power […] There is an ability to […] wield power through our tools, inventions, and discoveries.



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The spirit of the polymath resides within this research as I sought to utilise many forms of expression …

– Jevi 2021
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